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Battlefield 4 Stats
Pvt mcalkids
Score: 66,293,309 · K/D: 2.19

Score: 62,631,459 · K/D: 1.05

SPC GriffinsClaw5
Score: 54,591,431 · K/D: 1.25

General Angusogi
Score: 50,074,723 · K/D: 1.08

Score: 33,613,722 · K/D: 1.08

Platoon Structure

The platoon is the largest group of soldiers in BOW and is split into various squads and fireteams. Each soldier, when first arriving in BOW, will be put into a platoon and then moved by his platoon leader into a subsection, should the platoon leader wish.

Platoon Leadership
Platoon Lead
Usually a 1Lt or 2Lt, the CO is in charge of every soldier in the platoon, commanding the platoon during ops and the general oversight of his unit.
Platoon Assistant Lead
Usually a 1Sgt, the Assistant Lead is in charge of the micromanagement of the platoon, in particular organising and hosting trainings as well as keeping his men active. Often he is assisted by a SFC and/or a SSgt.
Should the PL choose, the platoon may then be split up into squads to enhance the bond between the men, add friendly competition and also to allow his NCOs a greater responsibility in the platoon.
Squad Lead
Usually a Sgt, his task is to organise squad trainings as well as manage the squad in general and, if required, lead his squad in ops. If a Sgt is unavailable to lead the squad due to lack of numbers or the current Sgt’s inactivity, the platoon SFC or SSgt (if available) will lead the squad until a Sgt can.
Squad Assistant Lead
The Squad Lead may use a Cpl or senior infantryman in his squad as his assistant lead, or alternatively he may half his squad into two fire-teams and place a Corporal or senior member as the lead.

It is recommended that either a member of the Platoon Leadership or a Squad Leader designate certain soldiers to the use of LMG man, Mortar Man or DMR Marksman in order for there to be specialised soldiers in his group.

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