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BFV Operations

   You lose if you fail to capture all the objs before your reinforcement tickets are depleted

PLAYER SPAWNING-Players can only spawn on capped objs , paradrop spawn or at home base so do no spawn on squad mates

   2.    4x Automatic Rifleman (see Automatic Rifleman http://www.thebrothersofw ... .com/page/bfvloadout )
   3.    AT mines are allowed
   4.    Up to 1 x Sniper per team 6X scope only
   5.    Up to 4x Anti-Vehicle per team
   6.    Up to 4x medics per team
   7.    Only medic can revive
   8.    Up to 4x MMGS per team
   9.   Only spawn on capped OBJs or Deployment
   10. You can use the buildable AA MG and AT
   11. No AA Tanks
   1.    Vehicles will be able to respawn but the respawn timer will be maxed out on the server so they will take as long as possible to respawn
   2.    The amount of vehicles allowed at any point in time will vary depending on the map and will be determined by the base amount that a team would have in a “natural” game of breakthrough so if your team doesn’t get a tank till later in then match we’ll your SOL
   3.    Vehicle presets are entirely up to the commanders and will have to guess what the enemy is using and try to counter that. Vehicles can not have flares or spotting scopes.

Restricted Gadgets/ Equipment
   1.    Spot Flare/Spot Scope / spawn beacons / No Flares or Spotting scope specializations on vehicles
   2.    Spawn beacon
   3.    AT grenade Pistol
   4.    Sticky grenade
   5.    Anti-Tank Bundle
   6.    Impact grenade
   7.    Throwing knives/AP mine
   8.    Firecrackers
   9.    Frag Grenade Rifle
   10.   Anti-Tank Bundle
   11.   Pistol Flamethrower
   12.  Sniper decoy
   13.  Special Tanks and V1 rocket SL Reinforcement
See the link for each roles loadout
http://www.thebrothersofw ... .com/page/bfvloadout
for soldier loadouts

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