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BFV-Loadout Allowances

Germany- Kar98 /  Gewehr M95/30
USA- M1 Grand / Krag-Jorgensen / M1A1 Carbine 
British- Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1
Japanese- Type 99 Arisaka 
Gadgets- Smoke Grenade / Frag Grenade

Germany- Mp40
USA- M3 Grease Gun / M1928A1
British- Sten Gun / M1928A1 / Jungle Carbine
Japanese- Type 100
Gadgets- Frag Grenade / Smoke grenade / Bandages / Smoke Grenade rifle

     Automatic Rifleman
Germany- Stg44 / Fg 42
British- Bren Gun / Lewis Gun
Japanese- Type 97 / Type 11
Gadgets- AT mine / Frag / Shaped Charge
AR Restricted Gadgets- M1A1 Bazooka / PIAT / Panzerfaust / FligerFaust / Frag Grenade Rifle / Lunge mine / Pistol Flamethrower / Dynamite

Germany - Gewehr 43 / Fligerfaust / Panzerfaust
USA- M1 Grand / M1A1 Carbine / M1A1 Bazooka / Fligerfaust
British- Turner SMLE / PIAT / Fligerfaust
Japanese - Type 97 / Type 11 / Lunge Mine / FligerFaust
Gagets- Frag Grenade / Dynamite / AT Mine

Germany- Kar 98 6x scope
USA- Krag-Jorgensen 6x scope
British- Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1 6x scope
Japanese- Type 99 Arisaka 6x scope
Gadgets- Frag Grenade / Smoke Grenade

     Mounted Machine Gunners
Germany- MG 42 / MG 34
USA- Browning M1919A6
British- VGO
Japanese- NA
Gadgets- AT Mine / Incendiary Grenade / Shaped Charge

     Restricted Gadgets and Grenades 
Frag Grenade Rifle
Pistol Flamethrower
Anti-Tank Bundle
Sticky Grenade
Impact Grenades
Spotting Scope
Spotting Flare 
M1 Grand Frag Grenade Specialization
Spawn Beacon
AT Grenade Pistol
AP Mine
No spotting scope or flare specialization on vehicles


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