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Battlefield 4 Stats
Pvt mcalkids
Score: 64,478,189 · K/D: 2.15

Score: 60,351,491 · K/D: 1.04

BOWMajor GriffinsClaw5
Score: 54,591,431 · K/D: 1.25

General Angusogi
Score: 50,074,723 · K/D: 1.08

JSOC Maj.xcreator24
Score: 33,613,722 · K/D: 1.08

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1st Lt. SkinBitz90 18th Jul
Need lol
1st Lt. SkinBitz90 18th Jul
PM me fam ill do my best to help with what ever it is you neen broski
1st Lt. SkinBitz90 18th Jul
Whats good lead
Pvt Lead_head420 15th Jul
Can u help me ?
Pvt Lead_head420 15th Jul
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