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Scenario Operation
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22nd Jul 2018

Situation: 1st Intel Battalion has informed United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) that a Rogue Russian Spec Ops unit has been confirmed to be engaging in aggressive attacks in both the Giants of Karelia A.O. (Area of Operations) as well as the Zavod 311 A.O. Combatant Commands across the globe have offered their resources in quelling the recent uprising of these type of threats. USCENTCOM has provided their elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) to reinforce and assist. USPACCOM has provided their own Marine Reconnaissance Unit to assist. The United States President has deemed this mission of top priority due to the ferocity and deadliness of the Russian Unit, now designated “November Kilo” after their self-proclaimed title: “The New Kingdom”. All units are advised that both areas have been cleared of Civilians. You are cleared to engage all enemy combatants with lethal force.

Mission: Assemble a task force comprised of Multiple Units who will be conducting the attacks on this new enemy within the two A.O.s. Inside Giants of Karelia A.O. it has been confirmed that most hostiles reside within the Alpha Village and Bravo Radio Dish Area, as well as some reserve forces within the Charlie Military Research Complex . Within the Zavod 311 A.O. there have been reports of NK’s setting up defenses around the Bravo Village region, as well as a detachment within the Foxtrot Tower of the A.O.

Execution: US team for both missions will be limited to US weapons. RU team will use only Russian weapons. Drones such as the SUAV will be allowed for Reconnaissance Purposes only. Offensive use will result in immediate kick from the server. Once the Drone is destroyed, you may not use another. It will be a limit of 1 drone per team. Meaning, 1 SUAV per side. All other drones will not be allowed. Attacking team will have the option to assault the Zavod 311 A.O. during daylight, or wait until the cover of darkness provides the stealth option. Recon will be allowed. 1 Scout Sniper Team per Side. (Spotter, Sniper, Security) (Recommended that the spotter be the one with the Drone and DMR equipped) US Team will be allowed a one time use of a transport Helicopter (transport only, no offensive use or you will be kicked). The helicopter will allow for more freedom of choice for point of insertion / assault direction. Once the helicopter has landed, the pilot must disembark and no one is allowed to re-enter the transport helicopter.

Administration and Logistics: RoE as Follows:

One (1) DMR per 8 People on each side (Ex: 29 Members on US Team = 3 US DMRs. 15 members on RU Team = 1 RU DMR, etc)

Presetting is only allowed for the RU team and it can only be at the objectives stated above.

Support: Supports will be limited to 2 (at the most) per squad

No XM25s, MP-APS, UCAVs, or Decoys.

Recon: No suppressor on sniper rifles, variable zoom, SOFLAM, or PLDs
6X or lower magnification on sniper scopes.

Engineers: Free fire/aim launchers only.

Assault: No M320 DART, M26, Defibs

None of the following will be allowed: Vehicles (besides what has already been stated above), Shotguns, Bows, pick up weapons, incendiary or impact grenades, IRNV or FLIR, Target detector, revives, defibs, respawns, or any kind of resurrection.

Green Light will be given at an agreed time. Not unilaterally.

Maps will be Obliteration Game Mode to allow units to clear an area without alerting the enemy.

All kill logs will be turned off. Do not alert your teammates of where you died or who killed you or what they had, you will go Radio Silent as soon as you die. Keep integrity and don't check the scoreboard.


US Allowed Weapons: M416, SCAR-H, UMP-45, M4 Carbine, M240B, M249 SAW, MK11 Mod 0, SCAR-H SV, M39 EMR, M40A5, M9, M1911, SMAW.

RU Allowed Weapons: AK-12, AS Val, PKP Pecheneg, RPK, RPK-12, SKS, SVD-12, SV-98, AKU-12, MP443, Compact 45, RPG-7.

To make this as realistic and authentic as possible these will be the SUGGESTED attachments for each faction. We understand if you don’t have some of these unlocked and will not enforce this as stiff as the weapons.

US Preferred Optics: Reflex, Holo, M145, and ACOG. Preferred Suppressor: R2

RU Preferred Optics: Kobra, PK-AS, PK-A, PSO-1. Preferred Suppressor: PBS-1

Command and Signal: All participating Milsims will provide one or more Zello contacts in order to provide a more efficient line of Communication between each other. All complaints or questions will be delivered via PM to the CO in charge. By participating in the operation you are agreeing to all factors of ROE as it has been given. The two standing orders I have are as follows: Work hard to learn, and Have fun while ensuring everyone else has the same opportunity to do so.
Forum » Forums » Operation Suggestions
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