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P.O.W. Rescue Op
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22nd Jul 2018

Situation: Your unit was ambushed in the mountains of Russia while on a Reconnaissance Mission. Their mission statement was to gain intelligence on the Former Soviet Science Division's Secret "Pod" Technology. The plans, which were said to be held in the main Hangar above the Military town of Rosh, were never recovered. Many of the unit are being held captive and put to work on building more of the so called "Pod" technology. Hangar 21 has been identified to be deep behind enemy lines.

Mission: A small ragtag team of several units is tasked with rescuing the POWs and recovering the information the Recon Team has gathered. Either by avoiding the patrols and extracting the POWs using stealth. Or overpowering the enemy force through a mixture of maneuver and fire. Due to the mountainous rugged terrain, Close Air Support and Transport is unavailable to you.

Execution: (U.S.) Engineers with Repair Tools are put to work rebuilding Hangar 21 while a small Special Forces unit is tasked with rescuing as many of them as possible. (RU) Enemy patrols and Work Supervisors are amok. They cannot shoot a prisoner unless he is trying to escape or they see him killing someone. Dead bodies will put the enemy on alert. (RU) is cleared to engage anyone they find who isn't a POW. (I.e. Holding a repair tool.) (U.S.) POWs are allowed to kill with the repair tool or knife (Shank). (RU) team is not actively searching for (U.S.) enemy combatants unless the alarm is given. (Example: a unsuppressed weapon is heard, a patrol member is killed within sight or hearing of another patrol member or a POW is caught attempting to escape.) (U.S.) mission will be accomplished when the rescue team makes it back to their respective Spawn with all remaining living POWs. If even one man is left behind, the mission is a failure.

Administration and Logistics: All (RU) kill logs will be turned off. (RU) is only allowed Russian Weapons. (Example: RPK or AKU-12 etc.) (U.S.) Rescue Team will be using U.S. military based weapons (example: M4 carbine w/Suppressor or M249 Squad Automatic Weapon etc.) If a POW manages to kill a (RU) Guard or Patrol member, he may pick up that Class. The (RU) team will outnumber the (U.S.) rescue team. Both teams will be allowed One (1) Reconnaissance Man (Recon Class). Limit will be 6x Scope and below. No suppressor as well.

Command and Signal: All disputes with the rules or the situation as given will be brought up to the respective CO before the Op. If you begin the Op, you are accepting the rules as they have been set forth. If you witness any cheating or alteration to the limits/constraints, screenshot or provide some form of physical evidence. Basic Milsim Rules. No vehicles. 1 DMR per Milsim. Presetting is unavoidable for the (RU) team. (U.S.) Starts at spawn. Radio Comms (ZELLO) will be utilized for quick communication before op, and during. For those who wish to be able to communicate with friendly Milsims, it will be on you to establish those Comms. You are required to have Comms with MonkeyDevil747 at the very least.

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Map: Hangar 21 from the Final Stand DLC
Forum » Forums » Operation Suggestions
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