Battlefield 4 Stats
Pvt mcalkids
Score: 66,293,309 · K/D: 2.19

Score: 62,631,459 · K/D: 1.05

SPC GriffinsClaw5
Score: 54,591,431 · K/D: 1.25

General Angusogi
Score: 50,074,723 · K/D: 1.08

Score: 33,613,722 · K/D: 1.08

We are a Military Simulation/Gaming clan. We have over a decade of Milsim-leading experience. 

Join in on the action, whether you have years of experience, or new to the Milsim community. We strongly encourage you to give it a try, and most that do, stay for the long haul. We can’t wait to see you out there and when we do, you can expect a warm welcome from the clan.  We operate on Dayz, BF4, and BFV

. Public Recruitment Server Rules
No camping in spawn with a mortar or any vehicle (manned or unmanned)
No glitching
No vehicle stealing
No TK or Revenge Tk
Vehicles must be given time leave the base area
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